Are you Ford tough?

No, not like the truck, like the man.
Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”.

How many times have you approached a difficult situation, no, let me re-phrase that, how many times have you approached a situation you THINK of as difficult or MIGHT be difficult with a sense of dread?

You’ve probably heard of a “self-fulfilling prophecy”; this mindset not only limits your performance during a single activity or incident but it literally creates an atmosphere or environment of distress. In essence you become predisposed to fail.

When I trained clients for physical fitness I often saw that the lifters who continually pushed on their last set to hit a PR (personal record) often would end their attempt with a failure to hit the weight they wanted. Those lifters who ended their workouts on that failed attempt found their progress was far slower than lifters who ended on a successful lift – and here’s the key – even if the successful lift was at a weight lower than they had been trying to hit.

Basically they ensured that they were building a “body memory” of success and leaving the gym with a renewed desire to go for that PR next time.

For those of you who are not weight lifters, I think you’ll agree that “ending on a high note” feels much better than a murmur.

Let each success build up your energy and resolve

Remember, success breeds success


About zolfw

I am an avid trail runner and fitness enthusiast, an accomplished cook, a lover of cinema and literature (although I read everything from graphic novels to professional psychology tomes, neither extreme being literature in the strict sense) . I am a retired Health and Wellness Coach. I am a husband, father, grandfather, and uncle.
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