The bottom of the TO DO list

Many of us love our TO DO lists. We dutifully write ‘em up and check ‘em off.
Have you noticed that some items keep getting added to the next TO DO list each day/week/year?

I’ve found a way to handle that problem you might want to try.
I call it “52 Pick Up minus 51”

Johnny, tell our Folks how it’s played…

OK, first get all of those bottom-of-list items from all the lists you’ve held onto and write each item on its own card (you probably have index cards sitting around somewhere if you’re list-friendly). Make sure you write the item clearly, unambiguously, with as much detail as it needs so that you can recognize when it’s actually complete. That means “Get fit” ain’t gonna cut it but “Do the workout that trainer wrote up for me 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before work” does.

OK, put that card face down and start another one.

Once you’ve written ALL the cards – don’t you dare cheat on this – then give yourself a pat on the back for having taken this step.

Woo-Hoo (that goes with the pat on the back)

Take a look at each card in turn and see if any one item is really multiple items. For example, “Get floor waxer from Acme and the picture from the attic”. Unless you need the picture from the attic to remind you which floor sander you wanted, that is. If there are multiple parts but they’re interrelated, leave them on the same card but set up the steps in sequence. For example, if that picture in the attic really is of the sander, getting the picture must happen first. No use in putting the sander before the picture, let alone the buggy before the horse. Do you need to find the key to the attic door before you can get the picture? Put that up top then. You get the idea.

All right, now, with the cards all written and clarified, put them face down, shuffle ‘em and pick a card, any card.

Again, no cheating, no stacking the deck. UNLESS, in the process of clarifying the items you actually found you have become energized by the thought of completing a particular item. In that case, go for it!

When you’ve completed that item (yes, you have to follow it through). Write something wonderful about yourself on the blank side of the card and put it someplace you’ll see it every day.

BIG smiles all around.

Go ahead, pick a card…any card…

About zolfw

I am an avid trail runner and fitness enthusiast, an accomplished cook, a lover of cinema and literature (although I read everything from graphic novels to professional psychology tomes, neither extreme being literature in the strict sense) . I am a retired Health and Wellness Coach. I am a husband, father, grandfather, and uncle.
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