How We’ll Work Together

The Japanese characters Printyou see on my website say fudoshin, which is most succinctly translated as “indomitable spirit”.

At the heart of what we do at Living Fully Wellness is generating fudoshin, learning to maintain it in spite of adversity, and benefitting from its enormous strength.

As we work together you will find within yourself the vision of wellness that resonates most deeply with you and define what you will need to attain that vision. You will walk the path that is revealed to you and learn which of your strengths will support you, and which motivators will sustain you.

We will start with a comprehensive self-assessment of your wellness by looking at the diverse elements it comprises:

  • Energy
  • Sleep and Stress Management
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Life Balance
  • Weight Management
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Health Issues / Health History

This will provide us with a clear picture of how you view your wellness at this point in time. We’ll use this as we develop one of the key elements of wellness coaching – your health and wellness vision. Think of the vision as a focal point rather than a destination.

Once we understand your personal vision, we will then put specific steps in place to reach it. Bear in mind that without clearly-stated, measurable goals and the requisite steps to attain your desired outcomes, that vision may remain simply a tantalizing dream!

We’ll use both 3-month goals and weekly goals to ensure that we can see how you’re progressing towards your vision. The number of goals you will address at one time, and the priority each goal will carry, is yours to decide. A key to successful coaching is that while I guide you through the process, you define and “own” the content.

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