As a health and wellness coach I have wide-ranging interests and experience in virtually all aspects of wellness. This has provided me with a wealth of resources for practitioners, services, and equipment.  

Health and Wellness Practitioners:

I know and trust a wonderful group of health and wellness practitioners and I offer this list of resources (some local to my area, others globally available as noted) for your consideration.

This list will grow over time and I welcome your ideas for including other types of practitioners you’d like me to include.

  • Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine: Sandra Ludlow, LAc, MSOM. Sandra specializes in pain management, allergies, hormone imbalances, weight control, addiction, digestive disorders and emotional well-being. Sandra’s practice is located in Berkeley, CA
  • Chiropractic and Nutritional Response Testing: Dr. Karen Kartch, Kartch Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Dr. Kartch specializes in Diversified Technique, (SOT) Sacral Occipital Technique, Holistic Readjustment, Graston Technique, Trigenics, and orthotics. Dr. Kartch’s practice is located in Oakland, CA
  • Life & Relationship Coaching for Parents: Dr. Jessica Michaelson. Dr. Michaelson specializes in helping moms and parent couples slow down, navigate challenges with grace, and build more connection and playfulness in their families. Look for her here: Dr. Michaelson is available on-line
  • Massage Therapist: Robin Barnett, J.D., C.M.T.. Robin specializes in providing you a personalized Swedish and deep tissue blend of massage with side effects of decreasing anxiety, enhancing sleep quality, increasing energy, improving circulation, improving concentration, and reducing fatigue. Robin’s practice is located in Oakland, CA
  • Geriatric Care Manager, Christina Henrikson, MA, CMC. Christina specializes in Advocacy, Assessment, Crisis Intervention, Care Management, Consultation, Education, Home Care,  and Placement.