Welcome to Living Fully Wellness

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Since 1989 I have been a part of the Health and Wellness community as a personal trainer, fitness coach and wellness coach.

I originally created this website to house my blogs and to be the focal point of my business.

In 2015 I retired from active coaching, but my desire to help people work towards living their lives as fully as possible continues, as does my own journey to do the same for myself.

During my many years as a practitioner, working alongside my clients, it became clear that many of us have a fairly good idea of what we want our lives to be, but find it perplexing, confounding, and downright frustrating to bring about lasting change.

Peter Senge, who describes himself as an ‘idealistic pragmatist’, has said – “People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!”. Acquired knowledge and solid expertise alone often do not provide the answers we seek.

Understanding that your own true path must be based on your unique interests, values, and circumstance is key to enduring success.

So this then is the mission of Living Fully Wellness – to provide a supportive environment in which you and I collaborate to pursue the wellness vision unique to each of us, and to discover – and harness – the resources within us to achieve our goals.

For my part, I offer two blogs: the first is “The Wellness Blog”, a collection of thoughts and studies on all aspects of wellness from the purely physical to the spiritual. Secondly, “One Man’s Stories” which are drawn from my own life experiences and are, quite frankly, a no-holds-barred recounting of my personal struggles and successes. I hold nothing back; this is who I am.

What I hope you will do is contribute your own ideas, questions, comments, requests so that together we can learn and grow.

Here’s to bringing our visions of wellness to reality!

Zô De Muro
Health and Wellness Coach.
Founder, Living Fully Wellness.